Simplify your website

Your website should be easy to use and focus on your purpose for writing.

Keep it simple.

Here are four examples of popular search engines ranked from simplest to most cluttered and distracting.

1. Google


It's pretty clear that google wins for a reason. Not only do they often produce the best search results, but they get to the point.

2. DuckDuckGo


It bothers me that DuckDuckGo has junked up their search pages with the panels beneath the search bar about privacy concerns. If I visit their site I'm there to do a private search. I'm already sold. Leave me alone.

3. Bing


I ranked Bing third because they use a photo background for the home page, show distracting images across the bottom to news items, and pop up a banner to get you to download their Edge browser if you don't already have it installed. Again, if I visit Bing I'm there to search. I don't want your browser or your news.

4. Yahoo


What in the world, Yahoo? Really? Are you a search engine or a news aggregator? Make up your mind.

Your website should also get to the point.

If it's not absolutely necessary to your mission get rid of it.

Keep it simple.

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