How much information should we make available on our website?

Answer: All of it.

Does that help?

Matt Perman writes at with a challenge to ministries to put all the sermons and articles and content they have on their website, make it easy to get to and give it away.

Make it Free: Improving Online Effectiveness by Removing All Barriers to Accessing and Sharing Content.

If you are a Christian media ministry, I commend the following vision for maximizing your effectiveness online: Post all of your content online, for free, without requiring registration, in a maximally usable interface.

This basis for doing this follows from the purpose of ministry and the purpose of a ministry website. The purpose of any ministry is, at root, to spread the message of the good news of God's grace. And the purpose of a ministry website is thus to serve as an avenue for spreading that message.

I suggest you go read the whole thing now as you consider what you should be making available on your ministry website.

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