Moving Your Data From Evernote to Google Drive with CloudHQ

Evernote has been a tool I use every day for about three years. I love Evernote. Trouble is I’ve treated is as my digital filing cabinet for everything. PDFs, Word documents, web development information, records, scans, photos of important documents and much more.

Trouble is when you begin to rethink your process as I’ve been doing. I decided a while back to archive documents I hardly ever need or may never need to access again but want to hang on to just in case.

Google Drive is a great place to store items like this and has a great search feature for finding that stray document.

If I could just figure out the best way to get all my data from Evernote to Google Drive. Then I could delete much of the old archival data in Evernote and only use it for notes and common data that I tend to retrieve regularly.

I didn’t really like the idea of using the export function in Evernote since importing to Google Drive wouldn’t allow full access to all the data types I have saved.

Plus I have thousands of documents. It would be a tedious and long process to export from Evernote and import it to Google Drive by hand.

Thankfully after a bit of searching, I found cloudhq.netCloudHQ has many features I may never need but the one thing that caught my eye was the ability of CloudHQ to sync my Evernote and Google Drive accounts.

And thankfully there was a free level the CloudHQ service that was just what I needed.

After linking my two accounts all I needed to do was set up a sync task that would export all my Evernote documents and attachments to my Google Drive account.

The whole process was automated and took several hours. But once all my documents and attachments were synced to Google Drive I received an email from CloudHQ.

And as an added bonus that sync task is still keeping my Evernote data synced to my Google Drive account.

And for you Google Chrome users there’s a Chrome extension that enables Gmail users to share any of their Gmail labels making it possible to set up a team collaboration workflow.

There are many more features than these but if you’re in need of a simple way to sync two online accounts I’d suggest giving CloudHQ a try.

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