Free Web Hosting for Your Sermons – Your Sermons in the Cloud

Free Web Hosting for Your Sermons Your Sermons in the Cloud

I have three great, free options for you if you're looking for a free way to host your podcast. The first is a podcasting service called, the second is a podcasting service called Sounder, and third, there's an option of uploading and hosting your files from

Several years ago I recommended here hosting sermon audio in the cloud for free at They no longer offer from sermon audio hosting but there are other options now.

Two services I recommend these days are and

As a web developer especially interested in helping churches for many years now I'm often asked “how do I add audio to our church website?

It's a common question for churches and pastors but the answer isn't always so easy. Now some of the challenges for cost-conscious ministries have been removed.

The first service I recommend for hosting sermon audio on a budget is the podcasting service is a robust audio hosting service. It is the simplest way I've found for hosting sermon audio. You may choose to host the audio at and link to each sermon from your church website. Or you may simply share the link to your sermon podcast page on also makes podcast syndication fairly simple by linking your podcast to several other podcast directories making it easier for your sermons to be found in several favorite podcast listening apps.

It's also possible to do some simple editing on the website. You can simply upload the unedited mp3 to the site then use the editor to trim the beginning and end of the sermon if your audio needs it.


Here's another good option for hosting your podcast for free. You don't even have to have a website. Though I would argue you should have a website. But that's another issue. Sounder is a solid podcasting platform with lots of helpful features to get you started serving your own podcast to the world with minimal fuss. Give Sounder a try.

The second service I recommend as a free sermon audio hosting solution is To use this service you'll need to know how to link to the sermon audio that you upload to on your church website. If your website is powered by WordPress that's pretty simple to do.

I highly recommend that you build your church website with WordPress. It's the simplest solution I've found for building and maintaining a website that you be able to add content to and keep current.

Do you have a suggestion?

If you know of another free audio hosting service please do leave a comment. I'm always looking for ways to help churches on a tight budget.

Need help?

If you need help implementing either of the services on your church website please reach out by email. This is what we do.

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