Customizing WordPress page and post titles

I have previously written about customizing WordPress using a custom field function to change the title that displays at the top of a page allowing you to have, for instance, a link in the side bar to the home page called “Home” but a different title on that page such as “Welcome” instead of “Home”.

That was handy but took some modification of the theme template files. If you changed your theme you had to carry over those changes to the new theme to retain the custom page titles.

Now there's a simple plugin that does all the work for you and adds the ability to customize the display titles of posts as well which I had not included in the original method and makes changing theme template files unnecessary.

The plugin is called WP-Title-2 and is one more tool in my WordPress as a CMS tool box.

For more plugins that help transform WordPress into a more powerful CMS platform you may be interested in my post: WordPress as a CMS and plugins that help.

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