WordPress; 20th Anniversary, a Mini Series. Episode 2 With Meher Bala, Robert Windisch, Simon Kraft and Tammie Lister.

Today is a little bit of a departure for the podcast. It's an episode all about the last 20 years of WordPress. You're going to hear a round table discussion with four WordPressers talking about their thoughts on the last 20 years. It features Meher Bala, Robert Windisch, Simon Kraft and Tammie Lister, with David Bisset as the discussion moderator. They cover many topics including a memorable design or refresh in WordPress' history, the most notable enhancement to WordPress core (that wasn’t Gutenberg related), and a memorable community moment or cause. There's also lots of ‘forgotten' history and features also come up in the discussion. So, regardless of how long you’ve been involved with WordPress, you’ll learn and maybe have your memories jogged! 

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