#77 – Mario Santos and Luis Herranz on What the Interactivity API Is and How You Can Use It

On the podcast today we have Mario Santos and Luis Herranz. They both work for Automattic, but are sponsored to work full-time in WordPress. The Interactivity API is the main focus of the podcast today, and if you're working with blocks and dynamically displaying data, this is sure to be of interest to you. The conversation is framed around a blog post written by Mario entitled The Interactivity API, a Better Developer Experience in Building Interactive Blocks. In this, Mario shows examples of what website interactivity is. In short, it’s the ability for content to be amended on-the-fly without a page refresh. We get into the weeds a little and talk about the approach the team took when building the API. The project is still experimental, and they’re looking for people to test and report back on what they find to move the Interactivity API forwards. 

Be sure to read the original article from WP Tavern here: Read More

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