#67 – Talisha Lewallen on How CertifyWP Is Hoping To Offer WordPress Certification

On the podcast today we have Talisha Lewallen. You might have found your way into WordPress intentionally, or perhaps you stumbled across it and decided to explore further. Whichever it was, you've learned things along the way. Perhaps you’re a coder, or a designer. In fact, there are dozens of different pathways in the WordPress ecosystem. Given the broad range of knowledge you might possess, how can you prove that you know what you know? With WordPress being such a dominant force in the world of websites, would it be a good idea to have a certification for WordPress? Talisha certainly thinks so and has founded CertifyWP to try to make that happen. We approach this subject through the work that she’s been doing at WPConnects in which she’s been trying to provide training to military veterans, so that on their departure from the services, they have the prospect of finding work in the WordPress space. Is there a need for a certification for WordPress and how such a certification would come about. We discuss whether the WordPress community is ready for a third party to be certifying people’s abilities and whether this strays away from the approach that we’ve had so far, in which routes into employment have relied upon other, less formal, methods. If you’re curious about certifications in the WordPress space, this podcast is for you. 

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