#65 – Bob Dunn on Building a WooCommerce Community

On the podcast today, we have Bob Dunn. If you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, and you’ve been consuming content in the ecosystem, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across Bob before. He’s been using WordPress since 2006, WooCommerce since 2011, and has been podcasting since 2014. In another life before he discovered WordPress, Bob ran a marketing company, but now his endeavours are all about WordPress. We talk about how Bob found WordPress back in the day when he was creating websites with HTML and Flash. Bob branded himself as BobWP and has never looked back. Given the size of the WordPress community, Bob was able to discover his niche within the greater whole and concentrate on WooCommerce. His popular Do the Woo podcast was born, and he’s been working on it ever since. We talk about how Bob has managed to keep the momentum going, and what he thinks are unique about his podcast and community. We also talk about how growing a community such as this can be financed, as well as the ways Bob is trying to innovate in the near future to give value back to the WordPress project more generally. It’s an interesting conversation about how content creators can find a place in the WordPress ecosystem and what impact they can have. 

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