#64 – Patrick Posner on Using WordPress To Create Static Sites

On the podcast today, we have Patrick Posner. Patrick is a solopreneur and has been developing with WordPress since 2010. He’s worked in many environments, as a freelancer, a senior developer in a WordPress product company, and since 2020 he’s been working full time on his own projects. One of his projects is a plugin called Simply Static. Its purpose is to make a static version of your website. This, of course, begs the question, what is a static site? We explore the idea of ‘flattening' your website, only putting the files needed for your website, whilst taking WordPress offline. We get into the pros and the cons of why you might wish to do this as well as some plugins and services which will enable this. It’s a really interesting subject and one that you might like to explore, and this podcast is a great primer for that. 

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