#63 – Paul Halfpenny on Adding Personalisation in WordPress

On the podcast today we have Paul Halfpenny. Paul is the CTO at Filter, a remote-first digital agency that specialises in open-source tech, as well as a WordCamp specker. He has an interest in making websites a more personal experience. Website personalisation is the idea of amending content served by your website to match the conditions of your current users. It might be that you want to show (or hide) content to people during certain times of the year. Perhaps it would be helpful to translate content if the user comes from a specific locale. Or maybe you would like to offer a product based upon pages that a user had previously visited, or items that they have bought. All of this falls under the umbrella of personalisation, and it’s an area that Paul thinks is going to be more important in the future. We talk about what techniques you can use to offer up personalised content. That could be WordPress plugins or options within blocks, but there are also more complex setups with a whole range of ‘at the edge’ technologies. It’s an interesting chat with many insights and tips, and so if you’re looking to explore this subject further, this episode is for you. 

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