Learning to Love Photo Management ebook

Learning to Love Photo ManagementMost bloggers deal with lots of photos. And for many of us the iPhone has made it possible to easily take decent photos wherever we are whenever we want. But are we keeping all those pictures backed up and secure? Maybe you’ve wondered how to keep all those precious memories for easy access in the future. And how should you organize them? Is there an easy way to keep them backed up?

Learning to Love Photo Management is a nicely done, ebook about managing your digital photos that gives clear answers to questions like these. It’s written primarily to those using an iPhone as their main camera of choice. But the principles shared in this brief guide are applicable to anyone trying to figure out how to best manage and secure their digital images.

This is a very manageable approach to keeping your precious photos backed up. Do yourself a favor and grab this ebook, it’s only $2.99. Then take at least take some of the advice and do something about keeping all those great photos for future enjoyment. Don’t just ignore the fact that you need to do something to secure your beloved photos.

How To Add A Read More Link to Genesis Child Theme Excerpts

How To Add A Read More Link to Genesis Child Theme ExcerptsUsing the Genesis Theme Framework is a huge help when setting up, customizing and maintaining a WordPress powered website. But sometimes the default settings won’t quite meet your requirements.

Recently while customizing a Genesis Child Theme for a client’s website, in the theme settings I had set the Content Archives to Display post excerpts. But when viewing the post archives the excerpts did not have a “Read More” link like the client wanted. Read More »

How to Get Notification of WordPress and Plugin Updates

How to Get Notification of WordPress and Plugin UpdatesHave you ever wished you could be notified whenever there’s a WordPress update available or there’s a plugin on your WordPress powered website that’s in need of upgrading?

With WordPress in use on such a large number of websites worldwide it has never been more vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately there will always be people who are trying to find and exploit any weakness they can use to their advantage. Whether it’s a weakness in the WordPress code itself or a flaw in one of the many plugins available for WordPress there will always be a risk. Read More »

My Number 1 WordPress web development tip

Here’s my number 1 WordPress web development tip — install WordPress locally.

Want to develop websites faster? Start using WordPress. Maybe that should be my number one tip. But in my opinion, to best build and prepare a website for deployment you’ll be much happier working on the site if it’s running an a WordPress install that’s running on your own machine.

If you’re using a Mac check out this very thorough and helpful tutorial over at WPCandy.com on How to install WordPress locally on a Mac.

If you’re using a PC then I’d suggest using this BitNami WordPress stack to install WordPress locally.

When you’re ready to move your WordPress site to the web server WPCandy.com has help for that too.

Loaded and free WordPress User Guide

Here’s a loaded with detail WordPress User Guide updated for WordPress 3.2 made available by interconnectit.com for free in PDF format. Whether you’re an end user of WordPress or have clients who need help harnessing the power of WordPress this is a rich, handy and free resource.

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