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How To Edit Jetpack infinite scroll footer text on Genesis Themes

How To Edit Jetpack infinite scroll footer text on Genesis Themes
Infinite scroll on websites is becoming more common and is a clever and effective method for retaining site visitors. With infinite scroll there’s no longer a need to click the previous or next archive pagination links.

With the Jetpack plugin thankfully there’s a one click method of activating infinite scroll on your self hosted WordPress powered site. But if you’re using the Genesis Theme Framework, as I am these days on all the sites I develop, when you try to activate infinite scroll you may receive a polite message which states that your theme isn’t compatible with the infinite scroll feature. Our you may not receive an error message but infinite scroll just won’t work. (more…)

How To Add A Read More Link to Genesis Child Theme Excerpts

How To Add A Read More Link to Genesis Child Theme ExcerptsUsing the Genesis Theme Framework is a huge help when setting up, customizing and maintaining a WordPress powered website. But sometimes the default settings won’t quite meet your requirements.

Recently while customizing a Genesis Child Theme for a client’s website, in the theme settings I had set the Content Archives to Display post excerpts. But when viewing the post archives the excerpts did not have a “Read More” link like the client wanted. (more…)

How to Get Notification of WordPress and Plugin Updates

How to Get Notification of WordPress and Plugin UpdatesHave you ever wished you could be notified whenever there’s a WordPress update available or there’s a plugin on your WordPress powered website that’s in need of upgrading?

With WordPress in use on such a large number of websites worldwide it has never been more vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately there will always be people who are trying to find and exploit any weakness they can use to their advantage. Whether it’s a weakness in the WordPress code itself or a flaw in one of the many plugins available for WordPress there will always be a risk. (more…)

My Number 1 WordPress web development tip

Here’s my number 1 WordPress web development tip — install WordPress locally.

Want to develop websites faster? Start using WordPress. Maybe that should be my number one tip. But in my opinion, to best build and prepare a website for deployment you’ll be much happier working on the site if it’s running an a WordPress install that’s running on your own machine.

If you’re using a Mac check out this very thorough and helpful tutorial over at on How to install WordPress locally on a Mac.

If you’re using a PC then I’d suggest using this BitNami WordPress stack to install WordPress locally.

When you’re ready to move your WordPress site to the web server has help for that too.

Loaded and free WordPress User Guide

Here’s a loaded with detail WordPress User Guide updated for WordPress 3.2 made available by for free in PDF format. Whether you’re an end user of WordPress or have clients who need help harnessing the power of WordPress this is a rich, handy and free resource.

A wealth of resources for Thematic theme framework for WordPress

thematic-scrn-capI’ve been digging into the WordPress theme framework Thematic, built by Ian Stewart and have found it a powerful foundation for WordPress theme development. I recently began using the theme I’ve been developing using Thematic and I thought it would help to point to a few of the most helpful resources that I’ve learned from.

thematic-forumThemeShaper Forums — Once you start working with Thematic your first stop should likely be the ThemeShaper Forums.

One of the things I appreciate about the forums is that they are free and open with no restrictions or fees to pay to get the help you need as you learn to make Thematic do what you want.

cozmos10 design tips for your custom wordpress theme built with thematic at Cozmos Labs — in fact there’s a whole category of posts on Thematic at the Cozmos Labs site and I’ve found myself there often poking through those posts. There’s also a few free Thematic child themes available there.

Add “Featured Posts” to your Thematic child theme — popular in magazine style layouts, here’s a good tutorial on adding featured posts to your Thematic based theme.

Build WordPress Sites Fast With the Thematic Theme Framework — this post has a wealth of Thematic resources, like help with theme hooks, tutorials and links to lots of child themes.

Thematic Page Structure — This is a visual representation of most of the div elements, theme actions, hooks, and widget areas in Thematic. As you dig into the nuts and bolts of Thematic this will help save you time as you track down what goes where.

How To Modify WordPress Themes The Smart Way — this is a series of posts on that covers, WordPress Child Theme Basics, Modular CSS in WordPress Child Themes, Using Filter Hooks in WordPress Child Themes and Using Action Hooks in WordPress Child Themes.

Useful Thematic Filters — this a a very helpful post with some handy Thematic filters such as: how to Replace the Blog Title with Your Logo; Add a Search Form to the Header; Add “Home” to Menu Options; Remove Blog Description; Remove the Post Footer; Add Google Analytics Tracking Code; Change the Footer Message; Add a Favicon; Removing Plug-In Code; and Removing and Renaming Widget Areas.

My sincere thanks to Ian Stewart and everyone who contributes to the Thematic framework making it such a powerful WordPress theming tool.

WordPress visual cheat sheet

WordPress Visual Cheat SheetThere’s a new and very handy WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet available for download at One can never have too many WordPress cheat sheets.

Hot new WordPress theme – Mystique revisions

MystiqueMystique is a powerful new theme that gives you so many reasons to love it. This is one of the most feature rich GPL theme’s I’ve seen in a while. Go take a look at the demo site to discover all the features, page layouts and included options. Nicely done.

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Need proof WordPress works?

Need proof WordPress works? Check out 30 Great Sites Using WordPress as a CMS.

WordPress tutorial videos

Need help learning some of the basics or even more advanced features of WordPress?

Here are two resources for tutorial videos: